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Caterpillar CAT D8R Track Type Tractor



1. Operator's Compartment 
2. Engine Room 
3. Blade Lift Cylinders
4. Radiator 
5. Blade /Bulldozer 
6. Push Arm
7. Track Group
8. Final Drives 
9. Ripper 
10. Ripper Cylinders
11. Transmission
12. Fuel Tank 
13. ROPS

Maintenance Section

When Required
Battery Electrolyte Level - Check 
Battery, Battery Cable or Battery Disconnect Switch - Replace 
Cutting Edges and End Bits - Inspect/Replace 
Engine Air Filter Primary Element - Clean/Replace 
Engine Air Filter Secondary Element - Replace 
Engine Air Precleaner - Clean 
Ether Starting Aid Cylinder - Replace 
Fuel System - Prime 
Fuses and Circuit Breaker - Replace/Reset 
Oil Filter - Inspect 
Radiator Core - Clean 
Radiator Pressure Cap - Clean/Replace 
Ripper Tip and Shank Protector - Inspect/Replace 
Winch Wire Rope - Install 
Windows - Clean 
Windshield Washer Reservoir - Fill 

Every 10 Service Hours or Daily
Air Conditioner In-Line Dryer - Inspect 
Air Filter Restriction Indicator - Check 
Backup Alarm - Test 
Braking System - Test 
Cab Filter (Fresh Air) - Clean/Inspect/Replace 
Cooling System Level - Check 
Engine Oil Level - Check 
Fuel Tank Water and Sediment - Drain 
Horn - Test 
Hydraulic System Oil Level - Check 
Indicators and Gauges - Test 
Pivot Shaft Oil Level - Check 
Seat Belt - Inspect 
Transmission System Oil Level - Check 
Walk-Around Inspection 

Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly
Cab Filter (Recirculation) - Clean/Inspect/Replace 
Fan (Variable) - Lubricate 
Ripper Linkage and Cylinder Bearings - Lubricate 
Track Pins - Inspect 

Every 250 Service Hours or Monthly
Air Conditioner Belt - Inspect/Adjust/Replace 
Alternator and Fan Belts - Inspect/Adjust/Replace 
Angle Blade Manual Tilt Brace - Lubricate 
Coolant Sample (DEAC) - Obtain 
Cooling System (DEAC) Additive - Add 
Engine Oil and Filter - Change 
Engine Oil Sample - Obtain 
Equalizer Bar End Pins Oil Level - Check 
Fan Drive Pulley and Idler - Lubricate 
Fan (Variable) - Inspect 
Fan (Variable) Oil Level - Check 
Final Drive Oil Level - Check 
Track - Check/Adjust 
Winch Fairlead Rollers - Lubricate 
Winch Oil Level - Check 

Initial 500 Service Hours
Coolant Sample - Obtain 
Winch Oil and Breather - Change/Clean 

Every 500 Service Hours or 3 Months
Engine Crankcase Breather - Clean 
Fuel System Primary Filter - Clean/Replace 
Fuel System Secondary Filter - Replace 
Fuel Tank Cap Filter and Strainer - Replace/Clean 
Hydraulic System Oil Filters - Replace 
Hydraulic System Oil Sample - Obtain 
Recoil Spring Compartment Oil Level - Check 
Transmission System Oil Filter - Replace 
Transmission System Oil Sample - Obtain 
Winch Filter and Magnetic Strainer (57H) - Replace/Clean 
Windshield Wipers - Inspect/Replace 

Initial 1000 Service Hours
Engine Valve Lash - Adjust 

Every 1000 Service Hours or 6 Months
Battery - Inspect 
Lift Cylinder Yoke Bearings - Lubricate 
Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) - Inspect 
Transmission Breather - Clean 
Transmission Oil and Screen - Change/Clean 
Winch Oil and Breather - Change/Clean 

Every 2000 Service Hours or 1 Year
Final Drive Oil - Change 
Hydraulic System Oil - Change 
Radiator Guard Pin Joint - Inspect 
Track Roller Frame Guides - Inspect 

Every Year
Air Conditioner In-Line Dryer - Replace 
Coolant Sample - Obtain 
Engine Air Filter Primary Element - Replace 
Engine Air Filter Secondary Element - Replace 

Every 3000 Service Hours or 2 Years
Cooling System (DEAC) Coolant - Change 
Cooling System (ELC) Extender - Add 
Cooling System Water Temperature Regulator - Replace 
Engine Valve Lash - Adjust 
Engine Valve Rotators - Inspect 
Fan (Variable) Oil (Mineral) - Change 

Every 6000 Service Hours or 4 Years
Cooling System (ELC) Coolant - Change 
Fan (Variable) Oil (Synthetic) - Change 

Every 3 Years
Seat Belt - Replace 

Caterpillar Lubricants    

Viscosity Grade    

Diesel Engine Oil-Ultra Low Sulfur    

Cat DEO-ULS    

SAE 15W-40    

SAE 10W-30


SAE 5W-40    

Cat Cold Weather DEO-ULS

SAE 0W-40    

Diesel Engine Oil    

Cat DEO    

SAE 15W-40    

SAE 10W-30


SAE 5W-40    



SAE 40

Transmission/Drive Train Oil    

Cat TDTO    

SAE 10W    

SAE 30

SAE 50



Cat Cold Weather TDTO

SAE 0W-20    

Final Drive and Axles Oil    

Cat FDAO    

SAE 60    



Hydraulic Oil    

Cat HYDO Advanced    

SAE 10W    

SAE 30

Cat Bio HYDO Advanced (HEES)

ISO 46 Multigrade